Yorkshire Show Paintings

With the show only a couple of days away it is just as well I have finalised my exhibits including three paintings which have been done specifically for this event. The three new paintings include Woodcock; Grey Partridge and Red Kites. The game birds are a natural for the Great Yorkshire Show but I feel the painting of the Red Kites will resonate with everyone in Yorkshire because they have become such an iconic sight to everyone in this area. The painting reflects the view most of us enjoy of these graceful flyers and I have tried to capture the graceful freedom of their flight.

Red Kites

As I have been asked to do a demonstration of my working methods I will also take a work in progress painting of a Golden Eagle which hopefully will give an insight into my technique. As I really enjoy talking to people about my work this will not be a hardship but as I don’t adopt the conventional aproach to painting I am not sure how useful this will be!

Anyway if the weather doesn’t improve we should have large numbers of the public in the art pavilion sheltering from the rain. Every cloud has a silver lining.