The Post Exhibition Blues

I must admit to a sense of sadness now that my one man exhibition at Fountains Abbey is over. I took great pleasure from the comments I received and enjoyed the opportunity to speak to people about my work. The level of interest in my paintings was surprising given that most people had visited to enjoy the Abbey and grounds. When you consider that very few of those who came would class themselves as bird watchers or twitchers, it appears to me that almost everyone is more aware of our birdlife than we realise and that they derive significant pleasure from wild birds. I am not even sure that we recognise the positive influence they have on our daily lives. I was asked several times why I had not done a painting of a Red Kite, this would not have happened before the reintroduction program at Harewood and is a measure of the pleasure the residents of Yorkshire feel on seeing these wonderful birds. The RSPB represent more than just the interest of birdwatchers; they are the guardians of a fragile resource which is under pressure from many directions, a resource that the vast majority of us consider important.

Fountains Abbey

The highlight of my week was a seven year old from Durham who chatted away about how good my paintings were and then suggested I might be a candidate for the ‘clever table’ at her school, surely the ultimate accolade.

It is often said that the only barometer of success for an artist is the public putting their hand in their pocket to confirm their approval, I don’t actually subscribe to that because sometimes the cost of a painting is prohibitive when people have other priorities. Happily I exceded my expectations for sales but will remember the many kind comments for a long time.

Next stop the Birdwatchers Spring Fair at Middleton near Tamworth Saturday 21st. and Sunday 22nd. May. Time I got painting!