Spring in the air

Romantic Grebes

It was evident on my last visit to Blacktoft Sands that Spring had well and truly arrived. We had two pairs of Avocets establishing their territory and defending it aggressively, these birds really punch above their weight! Black tailed Godwits were to be seen from Xerox and a solitary Red Breasted Merganser in need of a mate.

I stayed till late in the afternoon in the hope that the Harriers would make an appearance and a female Marsh Harrier made a brief appearance but I was just thinking the show was over when a pair of Great Crested Grebes began displaying at Singleton. My 400mm lense was not up to the job so the photograph is pretty rubbish, a couple of people had lenses like oil drums and they captured some brilliant shots which I am sure will feature on the Blacktoft website.

Tree SparrowI am painting a series of watercolours for my exhibition at Fountains Abbey, it runs for one week from Saturday 30th April; it was scheduled to commence on Friday 29th but Kate and William asked me to delay. A Royal Command Performance, anyway it is in a great area near the cafe and you do not need to pay admission to Fountains to attend my exhibition so if the Royal Wedding leaves you in need of a bit of light relief join me I will be delighted to talk about how I work and birds generally.

The little study of a Tree Sparrow is part of the body of work for Fountains Abbey.