Society of Wildlife Art

Three of my paintings have been selected for possible inclusion in the annual exhibition at the Mall Gallery. I will not find out if any or all are successful until September 19th but fingers crossed. Two of the paintings were of birds flown in a demonstration at the Great Yorkshire Show, a Sea Eagle and a Barn Owl. I photographed Sea Eagles when I visited Norway earlier this year but could not get close enough to capture the level of detail I need for a painting. Despite that I was so blown away by these magnificent birds I was determined to try to do them justice in a painting. As for the Barn Owl, well you can never tire of painting these charismatic owls and they are always popular with everyone.

I recently joined facebook and have found it great fun, I do not have very many ‘friends’ (Johnny no mates, that’s me) but have really enjoyed getting feedback from all sorts of people, some artists some not but please check out my Facebook page and drop me a line.

Silent Flight

Splash and Grab