Sea Eagle Thank You

Sea EagleI am very pleased to say that my painting Gaze of the Sea Eagle has been purchased by the RSPB. The painting is to be reproduced and the Giclee’s presented to volunteer’s as a thank you for long service and dedication the the Society. This is extremely rewarding as I am full of admiration for these volunteers and the work they do. I have agreed to manage the production of the Giclees and on completion, sign all 500 prints.

Robin rainy dayIn complete contrast to the ‘flying barn door’, as the Sea Eagle is called, I have recently returned to a favourite subject of mine, garden birds. With the recent cold spell my feeding stations have been mobbed by everything from Blue Tit’s, Long Tailed Tit’s and Chaffinches to Nuthatch and Spotted Woodpeckers. Although the bird that gives the most back, is the Robin. They are so tame that photo opportunities are really easy and so demand to be painted. Every morning as I walked down to my studio the Robin unfailingly appeared and I was able to have him almost, but not quite, take the food from my hand. What a delight. I have painted two Blue Tits on a branch with last seasons foliage, the leaves looked brown until the sun broke through and lo and behold, they were transformed to a flaming gold.

Blue Tits Autumn Dance