Peregrine Falcon

This painting of a Peregrine Falcon was produced in watercolour. In recent years my wildlife paintings have most often been either acrylic or gouache. Both these mediums lend themselves to the photo-realist approach and the vast majority of my wildlife paintings have been produced using acrylic paints.

It is clear that most people are captivated by an artist’s ability to reproduce detailed images, particularly when it comes to wildlife and the more ‘photographic’ it looks the better. I have always enjoyed painting detailed paintings of wildlife and have had a bit of success in doing so. There are some fine artists who produce very detailed paintings in watercolour but I wanted to use it to paint in a more expressive way, perhaps focusing a little less on detail but striving for a more ‘painterly’ result by letting watercolour’s natural qualities  play there part .

My first efforts using this method have been very enjoyable and the paintings are completed in one or two sittings. Consequently the finished result is spontaneous, and in my eyes,  more exciting.

I hope you share my enthusiasm for watercolor, I have no doubt I shall in the future return to photo realism as it will always have an appeal for me, but for now I am just enjoying the magic of watercolour.

winter peregrine 2 001