On the Easel

Ross underpaintingMy latest piece of work is a painting of a Golden Labrador named Ross, this is quite a departure from the recent series featuring Big Cats. A dogs’ portrait might be seen as lacking the appeal of more exotic subject matter, I do not agree. Having loved dogs all my life and enjoyed the unquestioning loyalty they give I cannot think of anything I enjoy painting more. It is quite a challenge to portray a dog and convey the character in a way that resonates with the dogs’ owner.

Ross detailThe way this painting was developed can be seen in the images taken at various stages and shows my preferred working method. Certain key elements such as; in this case, the eyes and the nose are carefully defined and form the roadmap for the painting. The rest of the painting is completed in muted colours, almost monochrome, with local colour added in transparent glazes. The final stage sees the addition of opaque colour to emphasise form and highlights.

This image shows the underpainting prior to the addition of glazes

At this stage the glazes are added to the underpainting.

There are many examples of the unique relationship between men and dogs and it should come as no surprise that we want to have our pets immortalised. To quote Agnes Sligh TurnbullĀ “Dogs’ lives are too short, their only fault really”.

Ross glaze