Killer Weather

Tawny OwlThis endless winter is literally a killer, what is just a trial for most of us has had more tragic consequences for a few. Needless to say the birds are taking a hammering as well, I do what I can for the songbirds and they, for their part, cheer up my monochrome and frozen garden. Unfortunately there is not much to be done for Owls who have great difficulty finding their prey under snow covered fields. A few years ago the Barn Owl numbers were decimated by a severe winter and I can only see a repeat of that decline this year.

I hear a Tawny Owl on a regular basis in the woods around my house, easy to tell as they are the ones who hoot! I listened to him a few nights ago and it struck me I had never painted a Tawny. I knew I had some images from a local Bird of Prey Refuge so I dug them out and had a go. I decided to position him on a fence post with winter bramble around him. I think it works.