Joys of Winter

WoodpeckerIn fact the joys are somewhat offset by lower light levels and shorter days. This lack of natural light means painting in artificial light and personally, I have always found this difficult. That apart it is the contrast afforded by the seasons which makes this country such a wonderful place to live.

As autumn gives way to winter the birds visiting the feeders in my garden are more visible and bolder, we have always been fortunate with the variety of visitors. One of the most regular are Woodpeckers and although they muscle off the finches and tits; the peanuts are attacked so forcefully that the ‘shrapnel’ flies everywhere and the other birds wait below to pick up the scraps. As I watch them I wonder if the juvenile born last spring and who found his way into the kitchen, is among them. I came into the kitchen and found him flapping against one of the windows. I wrapped him in a towel and released him at the back door, he appeared to be unaffected by the experience. I have just completed a painting of a Brown Hare and it will feature on the web site fairly soon, it makes a pleasant change to paint an animal WITHOUT feathers and I have other mammals lined up for the future.