I visited Edinburgh Zoo a couple of months ago hoping to paint one or both of their Panda’s, sadly the male remained in his den and the female lay motionless with one paw over her face. They obviously did not feel an obligation to perform, despite the extra cost of entry to the Panda enclosure.

Shy Panda

Fortunately not all the animals adopted the ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ attitude and the Jaguar provided me with some wonderful material which resulted in a painting shown below. This beautiful cat sat a couple of feet from me with only plate glass between him and me and stared straight at me for the longest time.

Sometimes I find I need to do something different from my relentless pursuit of wildlife and I have produced a couple of landscapes using oil paints. It is literally ten years since I last did something in this medium having found acrylic paints suited my style of working, but I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of oils and the change of subject. Now I have had my bus man’s holiday I cannot wait to get back to painting wildlife but using oils!


I have not had prints done from my paintings for quite some time now, this was because the company I entrusted with this task, let me down by failing to maintain the high standard I demand. Having earned my living in the colour reproduction sector of the Printing Industry, I could not in all conscience, sell something that was not a faithful reproduction of the original. The good news is I have now found someone who can reproduce my paintings to the highest standard so I have again begun to have them reproduced, beginning with the Jaguar.