Another Falconry Fair!

Since the last posting on my blog I have doubled my experience of Falconry Fairs by showing at the International Falconry Fair in Reading. This fair was really quite spectacular and with participants coming from all corners of the world (literally) it was a terrific week-end. Many of the vistors were dressed in their respective national costumes and the colourful parades and demonstrations made for an enjoyable week-end. The event is largely sponsored by the Royal Family of the United Arab Emirates with their long history of falconry and their presence underpinned the whole event.

Falconry Fair

I felt we learned a lot from our first experience at Chetwyn Park and this time we relied on table easles to display the paintings, this certainly worked better and overall we fared better than last time. There were many fine artists at this event and we met several whose work I had often admired, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience in fact we were sorry when the event was over and we set off home.